Advanced Insect Breeding Systems

Wildlife Hub brings you the worlds best books and training to breed feeder insects. Breeding Crickets, Cockroaches and Mealworms are our specialty.

We also provide comprehensive information to help you care for your pets or wildlife. See our publications, care sheets, product reviews and directory site to answer your questions as well as webinars, Skype training and email support.

Wildlife LizardAt Wildlife Hub, we have been breeding feeder insects commercially for over 11 years

We have also kept a wide range of wildlife including lizards, turtles, arachnids, mammals, fish and birds. Over this time we have developed revolutionary new methods which make breeding insects and keeping wildlife much easier.

As a biologist and naturalist, I know firsthand the importance of finding trusted information when it comes to keeping animals.

This is what is all about. If you have wildlife and pet questions, Wildlife Hub will help you find answers.

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